Southwick Players

present ‘The Proper Charlie’ & ‘The Challenge’ written by Tony Vale

Directed by Sarah Papouis, assisted by Roger Lee


Charlie’s thirty-year marriage to Jeanette seemed to have ended when, in his increasing confusion, he mistook her for a burglar and threw her out of the family home. The day after he couldn’t remember what happened and still thinks she left him.

Charlie’s best friend and drinking companion is Jeanette’s brother, Colin. The siblings have come up with a plan to get the couple back together. Will it work?


Slightly eccentric Victoria is aware that her attempts to make friends often go very wrong but she still tries to find ways to meet new people. Her plan – her Challenge - is very specific but before she can put it into effect she comes across Barry, peacefully knapping on a park bench while waiting to go meet his wife, Shirley. Victoria decides Barry may be unconscious and in need of help. She takes immediate action.

Southwick Cast 1 Proper Charlie.jpg
Southwick Cast 2 The Challenge.jpg