The Warriors

Performing - Gork Glitch on Adad

Hello, willkommen, ola, neehow, guten tag, merhba, bonjour, namaste, bonjourno, nemasi, gooday! 


Welcome to the Gork Glitch on Adad. 

Ooof  I can feel my tinkle pinkles wrinkle already. We join the warriors at the beginning, which hasn’t happened yet. But you’ve already seen it. The beginning is the end, the end is the beginning. A story about two sides of the same coin,  flipped in a wish, causing a glitch. Welcome to Adad. At a time before The Warriors. Here are two of its souls, full of hatred for one another. General Bopskank and Commander Kamer the two Adadian leaders, if I were you I would do what they say. They will need your help, you all play an important part in this story and its for good reason. The Gork glitch on Adad has also been known in legend to be the birth of The Warriors! Blaargh I've done it again, I've said too much already. Uh nuuf Gork is gonna get me for sure this time.


The Warriors create an immersive experience by combining experimental poetry, theatre, hip hop, sci-fi storylines and a sweet ass synthesizer. In their original, co-written play Gork Glitch on Adad, the time-travelling duo draw upon the dada and expressionist movements, as well as the worlds of sound poetry and dubstep.


Their performances include being part of ‘The Enemies Project’ at The Museum of Futures, Kingston’s International Youth Arts Festival, The Worthing Theatre Trail and Verbs and Spices at Peckham Springs. Alongside their live Theatre performances,The Warriors host and perform Cabaret Görkȧīr a night which has now been running for 7 months in Brighton. Aside from live performances The Warriors also made the short film: A Wordless Poem and featured on local Radio 4a.