Something Underground

Performing - A Fool's Gotta Do What A Fool's Gotta Do

An Archaeology of The Soul... Award-winning Jonathan Brown takes you on a wildly subversive, newly-discovered-each-performance journey, with live musical score (David Molz) and in-the-moment plunges into worlds you’ve been told “ Do not exist!” (…..and to shut up about them). With a format that echoes previous entirely unscripted shows (You Can’t Watch This Play), and with always newly-discovered territories… we’ll play together.

Jonathan has been a regular around the south since 2007, when he brought “Large Print Trash”.  Most of his shows come fully scripted and fully pre-rehearsed. So, why the departure? Jonathan says, “My performance roots lay in the spontaneous Fool, who can speak the unspeakable and truth to power. I love using text in performance and so to step out not knowing my lines always feels rather idiotic and terrifying. It’s like stepping off a very high cliff. But once the audience and I take that step, we begin to inhabit a dreamworld where anything is possible. That sort of freedom is exhilarating, unpredictable and for audiences alike, I’ve been told, a rush!”

Suitable for age 16 +

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